Autonomous Agents

Bayer Study

The underlying problem with most sales teams is their failure to become effective Agents. They lack mechanisms to help them navigate through valuable customer information - making it difficult to close potential deals. It is, perhaps, for this reason that there exists such a degree of stagnation in sales related jobs within the current ecosystem. prides itself on creating AI based tools which bridge the gap between the seller and the buyer.

When it comes to making successful sales, the secret lies in being able to deliver that added personal touch rather than the typical one-size-fits-all approach. Our platform makes it simple for agents to access customer insights such as the value of past purchases and product mix bought. They can break-down information and make key decisions during dealings with clients across various customer segments which make the interactions more meaningful. The software not only showcases past buying patterns, but also predicts future buying behavior. It, therefore, acts as an intelligent personal assistant; giving customized selling recommendations by reminding the agent to pay a visit to their customers around the predicted date of purchase, based on when the client will likely run out of their favorite products.

Aided with these smart insights, agents will know which customer to visit next, where to visit them and how to close a potential sale. Agents can constantly monitor their ever-growing customer base and can earn, even more, off of a “subscription model”. takes advantage of the rich data in its CRM and provides relevant guidance to its users. Through segregation of “wants” from “needs”, it identifies staples and prompts the buyer to replenish such goods. Customer demands are forever evolving, and our adaptive insights ensure our product recommendations are aligned with the shoppers’ unique needs at any given time. Such a technology makes it possible to design hyper-personalized experiences which ensure an authentic relationship between each agent and buyer.

By observing defined KPI’s and external factors, customized sales’ targets can be assigned based on the region, season and changing market trends. The AI platform will also help agents in achieving targets by suggesting optimum combinations of products and bundles. Moreover, our Smart Inventory Management and Replenishment System for warehouses ensures smooth sales execution - making the business scalable.

Streamlining available customer information and turning it into actionable strategies paves the way for hyper-personalization and, hence, takes agent productivity to new heights. By leveraging machine learning, intelligent sales reshape customer experiences and act as the driving force behind Agent empowerment.