Trace sales and inventory for smooth operations


Expand customer base by creating a strong online and offline presence. Reach out to areas with little technological access. Trace inventory down the value chain. Sell seeds, machinery, herbicides and pesticides to farmers.


Build and manage relationships with health professionals through the affiliate model. Use agents to introduce and sell products (medicines, medical instruments) to doctors, pharmacies and hospitals. Take orders for over-the-counter and prescription drugs.


Enhance engagement with customers by disseminating everyday items to a diverse demographic. Agents can sell to either the B2B or the B2C market. Monitor agent movement and identify potential markets and growing territories.


Create a robust sales channel by improving operational efficiency. Consultant based low cost and high output sales. An AI driven pricing and sales that gives a competitive advantage.


Exceed revenue targets and maximize profits by offering multiple insurance policies. Calculate premiums for health, property and vehicles. Increase sales revenue per person without having employees.

OBTech Features

Sales Tracking

Order management and sales activity mapped out in real time.

Inventory Tracking

Real time inventory management through barcodes.

Content Management

Effective communication through content dissemination.

Artificial Intelligence

Integrated with ShopCast to receive ML based smart insights to optimize sales' effectiveness.

GPS Tracking

Advanced tracking solutions to monitor salesforce movement.

Business Intelligence

Transform data into actionable intelligence through reports, dashboards, KPIs and data metrics.


Reward management system, loyalty program and user specific reports.

Sales Commission Structure

Assign sale targets to affiliates and setup tier and product based commissions for revenue growth.

Scale-up your Business

  • Establish a system hierarchy to manage numerous cross-functional teams.
  • Strategize focused market solutions through the systems' predictive analytics.
  • The AI based platform assists users to identify and narrow down market requirements.
  • Data acquisition (CRM) enables affiliates in making informed decisions; allowing sales optimization.
  • Identify growing territories and increase the rate of new customer acquisition.
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Monthly Fee* (recurring)

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